Machico City Race

Machico City Race is an Urban Foot Orienteering event, organized by the Clube de Montanha do Funchal in partnership with the Municipality of Machico and with the support of the Portuguese Orienteering Federation.

Machico will host for the first time a stage of the Euro City Race Tour, which consists of a league of orienteering events in the main European cities. This is the final leg where the champions will qualify.

Caniçal – December 8th

Urban Night Sprint Stage 1

Map 1/4000 and 1/3000 eq.2,5m produced March 2023 António Ferro (ISSprOM2019-2)
Urban Madeira Cup

Caniçal 08/12/2023Night Sprint
Age groups:Distance *PointsElevation +Scale
Men Elite2800m13100m1/4.000
Woman Elite2600m1290m1/4.000
Veteran M – Junior M2450m1380m1/4.000
Veteran W – Junior W2150m1270m1/4.000
Supervet M2250m1170m1/4.000
Supervet W – Open Medium1900m1250m1/4.000
Youth W/M2000m1345m1/4.000
Open Short1450m14401/4.000
Ultravet M1800m1150m1/3.000
Ultravet W – Hipervet M1700m1145m1/3.000
Hipervet W1500m1040m1/3.000
* “real” distance for the shortest option
Note: Starts are 400m from the arrival

São Lourenço West – December 9th

Middle distance forest – Stage 2

Map 1/7500 eq.5m produced April 2023 Tiago Aires (ISOM2017-2)
Forest Madeira Cup

Ponto São Lourenço 09/12/2023Middle Distance
Age Groups:Distance PointsElevation +Scale
Men Elite4500m19245m1/7.500
Woman Elite3500m16190m1/7.500
Veteran M – Junior M3300m16180m1/7.500
Veteran W – Junior W2800m15135m1/7.500
Supervet M2900m15135m1/7.500
Supervet W – Open Medium2600m13125m1/7.500
Youth W/M1600m1140m1/7.500
Open Short1400m1235m1/7.500
Ultravet M2500m15125m1/7.500
Ultravet W – Hipervet M2400m17125m1/7.500
Hipervet W2100m15105m1/7.500
Note: Start’s are at 300m from the arrival

Machico – December 10

Long distance urban – Stage 3

Map 1/4000 eq. 2,5m updated and enlarged May 2023 Tiago Aires / Rafael Miguel
Final round of City Race Euro Tour 2023
Urban Madeira Cup

Machico 10/12/2023Long Distance
Age groups:Distance *PointsElevation +Scale
Men Elite10200m25395m1/4.000
Woman Elite8100m21265m1/4.000
Veteran M – Junior M8300m22280m1/4.000
Veteran W – Junior W5400m14175m1/4.000
Supervet M5500m17170m1/4.000
Supervet W – Aberto Médio5100m17110m1/4.000
Youth W/M3200m1965m1/4.000
Open Short1700m1625m1/4.000
Ultravet M4400m1985m1/3.000
Ultravet W – Hipervet M3600m1575m1/3.000
Hipervet W2700m1535m1/3.000
* “real” distance for the shortest option
Note: Start’s are 750m from the arrival.

City Race Euro Tour

Whats euro Tour?

The European City Race Tour is a league of Orienteering Events in major European Cities that brings the orienteers into the cities, in front of enthusiastic spectators, with an excellent media coverage and offer a touristic approach to Orienteering city races.

Open to All!

Events are open to all, from Under 10s to Over 70s, whether you are one of the world´s best orienteers, experienced athlete or it’s your first time in Orienteering.


In urban environment, the European City Race gives the public and the media visibility to increase the popularity of Orienteering and attract crowds to applaud runners.

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