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  2. Introduction
  3. General Information
  4. Technical Information
  5. Program
  6. Registrations
  7. Insurance
  8. Locations
  9. Other Information


The Euro City Race Tour is a league of urban orienteering events that takes place in various European cities.

This league aims to lead all participants to wonderful places within the cities themselves, to some of the most incredible tourist attractions in Europe, and with challenging courses for all categories.

This event is planned so that participants can combine city orienteering with tourist routes, culture, and local gastronomy.


Machico City Race is an urban pedestrian Orienteering event, organized by the Clube de Montanha do Funchal in partnership with the Machico City Council and with the support of the Madeira Orienteering Association and the Portuguese Orienteering Federation.

On December 10th, Machico will host for the first time a stage of the Euro City Race Tour, which consists of a league of orienteering events in various European cities. This is the final stage of the league where the champions of the Euro City Race Tour will be crowned.

In the preceding days, December 8th and 9th, there will be Sprint distance (urban night) and Middle distance (forest) races. The three stages will count towards the Madeira Cup.

General Information

Age Group Table

Age RankDate of Birth
Youth (16-)2007 a 2010
Junior (20-)2003 a 2006
Men/Women Elite City Race1983 a 2002
Veteran (40+)1968 a 1982
Veteran (55+)1958 a 1967
Ultravet (65+)1948 a 1957
Hipervet (75+)1948 ou antes
Formation2011 ou depois
Open Short
Open Medium

Hard Ground: Machico Music House
With Bankbed 5€ person p/ night – Deposit of 50€ upon entry – refunded upon departure
Maximum occupation 40 pax
Babysitting: Not available
Prizes: Medals for the top three finishers in each category, determined by the sum of points from stages 1 and 2. Medals for the top three finishers in each category in the Machico City Race (stage 3).

Technical Information

December – Sprint distance (urban night) Caniçal village 6:30 PM
Map 1/4000 and 1/3000 eq.2.5m produced in March 2023 by António Ferro (ISSprOM2019-2)
Race counting towards the Madeira Urban Cup

December 9th – Middle distance (forest) Ponta de São Lourenço west + Caniçal 10:00 AM
Map 1/7500 eq.5m produced in April 2023 by Tiago Aires (ISOM2017-2)
Race counting towards the Madeira Foot-O Cup

December 10th – Long distance (urban) Machico 10:00 AM
Map 1/4000 eq. 2.5m updated and extended in May 2023 by Tiago Aires / Rafael Miguel
Race counting towards the City Race Euro Tour 2023 (final round) and Madeira Urban Cup

Since the races count towards the Madeira FPO Urban and Foot-O Cups, but the competition age groups are different from the regional ones, the following equivalence table will be considered for the ranking of the mentioned Cups:

City Race Age RanksMinimum AgeMax AgeAORAM Age Ranks
Formation12 ( 2011 )H/D10 e H/D12
Juvenil M16 ( 2007 )H14/H16
Juvenil F16 ( 2007 )D14/D16
Juniors M20 ( 2003 )H18
Junuiors F20 ( 2003 )D18
Seniors MHE/H21B/H35
Seniors FDE/D12B/D35
Veterans I M40 (1983)H45
Veterans I F40 (1983)D45
Veterans II M55 (1968)H55
Veterans II F55 (1968)D55
Veterans III M65 (1958)
Veterans III F65 (1958)
Veterans IV M75 (1948)
Veterans IV F75 (1948)


4 Dec
Registrations closing

8 Dec
17h Event center opening (Caniçal)
19h Start of sprint distance race (night)

9 Dec
8h30 Event center opening (Caniçal norte)
10h Start of the middle distance race
13h Prize giving Stage 1 + Stage 2

10 Dec
8h30 Event center opening (Machico)
10h Start of the Urban Long Distance race
13h Prize giving (Machico)


Online Registration – OriOásis Portal
Via email –
Tel: +351 927 071 879

Mandatory data for registration via email:

Name(s) of participant(s)
Year(s) of birth
Club name
FPO affiliation number (if not affiliated with FPO, provide Tax Identification Number (NIF), Identity Card number, or Citizen Card number)
SI Card number (If not available, it can be rented for €1 per stage; Loss or non-return of the rented SI Card implies a fee of €45)
Mobile number and email
Participation class (see general information)

Entry Fees for Federated Athletes (FPO and FEDO):

Adults (>21 years) – €5 (each stage)
Youths (<= 20 years) – €4 (each stage)
Training (<12 years) – €4 (each stage)

Short Open:
Adults (>21 years) – €5 (each stage)
Youths (<= 20 years) – €4 (each stage)

Middle Open:
Adults (>21 years) – €5 (each stage)
Youths (<= 20 years) – €4 (each stage)

Entry Fees for Non-Federated Athletes and Athletes not affiliated with FPO/FEDO:

Adults (>21 years) – €8 (each stage)
Youths (<= 20 years) – €7 (each stage)
Training (<12 years) – €7 (each stage)

Short Open:
Adults (>21 years) – €8 (each stage)
Youths (<= 20 years) – €7 (each stage)

Middle Open:
Adults (>21 years) – €8 (each stage)
Youths (<= 20 years) – €7 (each stage)


Athletes affiliated with the Portuguese Orienteering Federation (FPO) and non-affiliated athletes who are residents of Portugal or hold Portuguese nationality are covered by the FPO insurance – Civil Liability and Personal Accidents (with a deductible of €45).

Athletes affiliated with the Spanish Orienteering Federation (FEDO) will be covered by the insurance provided by the Spanish Federation.
Foreign participants and/or non-residents in Portugal are not covered by any insurance, and it is their responsibility to ensure their own insurance coverage.


December 08, evening:
Sprint – Caniçal
Start: 32.73553, -16.74006
Finish: 32.7375, -16.73815

December 09, morning:
Middle Distance – Caniçal North
Start: 32.74433, -16.71216
Finish: 32.74403, -16.71058

December 10, morning:
Machico City Race – Machico
Start: 32.72698, -16.77195
Finish: 32.7171, -16.76497

Other Information

Athletes without an SI-card (chip) or with a different number than stated in the registration will not be allowed to start. Any changes must be made in advance through the registration email or at the event secretariat on the day of the race;
Participants must collect a race bib at the event secretariat.
Competition rules currently in effect in the FPO apply;
Sport-Ident electronic system. In case of SI station malfunction, the reserve squares on the map should be punched.
In the event that an athlete does not complete the course, they must inform the organizers and download their SI-card upon arrival;
First aid available at the finish line;